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Our Story

Rejuvenate • Detoxify • Nourish


Hello and welcome to Native Lab!

Australia - Our home, is perhaps the harshest environment on the planet. From the wind swept west coast of the Tasmanian wilderness to the scorching arid land of the Pilbara, our unique Australian native flora have adapted to not only survive but thrive in these conditions.

Native Lab’s founders Jay and Al spent a treasured part of their younger years living and working in rural Australia. The experience of waking up and smelling the first rain of the wet season in Cairns, seeing the world-famous sunset over Cable Beach in Broome or doing a scenic flight over Uluru in the Northern Territory are experiences embedded in our senses forever. 

We will never forget the sting from a cut of spinifex grass or the burn from the hot Pilbara red sand. We have covered every corner of our magnificent homeland in our travels and it has given us an intense pride for our beautiful country, heritage and natural beauty. 

The founding concept of Native Lab was to be able to harness the mechanisms the Australian Flora has developed over thousands of years, and formulate them into a skincare line that is affordable, sustainable and pays homage to our homeland.

Here at Native Lab, it is all in the name. We chose Native to represent our beautiful country, our origins and where we source our ingredients, and Lab to articulate the style in which we formulate our products. 

Our motto which is printed on each and every bottle is: Rejuvenate • Detoxify • Nourish.

We live and breath this so that we can bring you high quality Australian made products that leave your skin feeling hydrated and brilliant.

We are both passionate about our country and buying and supporting Australian made.

Stay safe,

Jay & Al